Landscaping Products

We offer a range of landscaping products to complement large and small scale exterior projects.


  • Yorkshire Stone Setts
  • Natural Crazy Paving
  • New cropped garden walling
  • Boulders and Rockery
  • Second hand garden walling
  • Natural Riven Coping Stone
  • Yorkshire Paving

Landscaping Products

This product range includes:

Yorkshire stone setts – Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, ‘setts’ is the term used for small size paving stones up to an approximate maximum of 300mm x 200mm on plan. Yorkstone setts are still visible throughout Yorkshire in more traditional streetscapes. Today we manufacture setts by diamond sawing the stone to modern tolerances to ease laying. We stock setts at 50mm and 75mm in thickness. After the setts are diamond sawn, they are often tumbled to give an aged appearance similar to the traditional setts of centuries ago.

Natural Crazy Paving – Crazy paving is produced in thicknesses of 38 – 63mm. A very popular product with our garden centre customers, it is an ideal choice for landscaping in large or small gardens.

Walling – for garden and landscaping use, including new natural bed walling in a variety of colours and thicknesses. We also stock a range of reclaimed Yorkshire stone walling from the mills and terrace houses of West Yorkshire.

Boulders and Rockery – from village boundary markers and sculpture bases to small garden rockery, we can source and supply almost any size and shape boulder required.


With years of experience we are ready to advise, answer questions and help you to find the perfect product to match your project requirements.