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Bolton Woods Quarry

From humble beginnings to a leading player: 80 years of family history. Established by Mr Frank Ernest Marshall in Southowram near Halifax in 1924, Bolton Woods has been quarrying and selling Yorkshire Stone for three generations.

Bolton Woods is a massive 60 acres and its stone is considered to be one of the finest
and most durable in the UK. Bolton Woods itself has been worked since the 1850s and this beautiful fine-grained sandstone has been used in quality projects ever since.

Based in Bradford in West Yorkshire we produce some of the finest natural Yorkshire stone and flags available today. The quarry produces a range of products from Yorkshire stone riven flags, Yorkstone rockery and crazy paving for the highest quality landscaping works.

Bolton Woods has evolved into one of the leading players in the York Stone industry with supplies of Yorkshire Stone in its own quarries for the foreseeable future. Our quarry dates back to pre-1900s and, due to their location in the country, our stone is one of the few genuine Yorkstones still available today. It is now common for other sandstones to be passed off as Yorkshire stone. As other companies’ reserves of quality Yorkstone have been exhausted, Hard York Quarries has continued to develop its reserves.

Why Choose Berry & Marshall?

At Berry and Marshall, we put an extensive amount of time and dedication into our Yorkshire Riven stone flags, paving, slabs and walling products. We aim to provide our clients in areas such as Oxford, Surrey, Middlesex and throughout the UK with a quick, simple and efficient process in addition to a unique high-quality product.

York Stone Uses

Riven York Stone Walling- If you’re living in areas of the UK such as Middlesex, Surrey and Oxfordshire and are in the process of building or renovating properties, our Riven York stone is perfect for creating prestigious walling. Amongst our range of Yorkshire Riven slabs, we are particularly proud to offer ashlar walling to our clients. With smooth faces and square edges, our York stone walling will add a layer of sophistication to your property.

Riven Stone Landscaping- Perfect for scenic locations in areas of the UK such as Oxfordshire, Surrey and Middlesex. Our Riven Stone products can be used across a wide range of different projects. Examples include Yorkshire stone sets, natural crazy paving, new cropped York stone garden walling, boulders and rockery, second-hand garden walling, natural riven coping stone and Yorkshire stone paving.

Yorkshire Stone Riven Paving- Our Yorkshire Stones are perfect for giving the green areas of your home a durable and sustainable surface without sacrificing its natural beauty. Also suitable for internal use, our Yorkshire Stone Paving slabs have a thickness between 38 and 75 millimetres and specific sizes can be made to order.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Colour Is York Stone?

Sourced naturally, our Yorkshire stones come in yellowish or brown shades. This is largely due to the different minerals found in Riven York stone such as quartz, mica, clay and iron Oxide.

Is Yorkshire Stone Slippery?

This is a commonly asked question, specifically for those interested in our Riven Yorkshire stone paving slabs. Whilst our stones are highly slip-resistant, it may help to clean stone surfaces occasionally to prevent the growth of Algae and preserve their beauty.


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